Loving Lost / 10 tips for traveling solo.

Are you a globetrotter, world explorer, always ready for an adventure, wanderer as well? Keen on traveling almost everywhere and expand your wisdom with traveling alone? The these tips are surely of the essence. Not only can it be extremely exciting, but also important to consider some things during your travels. So, I made a handy ‘check’ list for anyone whom is traveling alone. Tips and tricks I received and picked up along the way and got from friends and family whom are always find my and each other’s safety key.


10 tips for traveling solo:

1. Luggage and carry on’s.

Let’s be straight. Traveling alone is doing it all alone, so keep in mind that you don’t overpack. You have to drag it all along, so be selective in what you bring. You don’t need too much (and I have issues with packing .. always. I know .. ) and if you get short on something, buy it there. Your hand luggage; take a good backpack or a regular bag (whatever you please) and take in mind that everything you have on you should fit in that bag. Extra tip; pack sensible. Pack it all in the “order” you’ll be needing it. Especially your hand luggage. It’s more handy!

2. Dress simple, do not notice.

Clear thing. You are alone, so already noticed. (not to scare anyone, but it’s true). Don’t get all dressed up, because you’ll be even more noticed. Do not wear your camera on your neck or anything of importance that others can see or take. Dress simple, pastel colours and neutrals. Wear comfortable cloths because you’ll be traveling and being comfortable is important. (Take in mind the culture of the country you are visiting as well. Adapt.) Don’t care to much about your looks. You don’t need mascara always, look around you, that is much more important.

3. Split your cash and credit.

Try to keep a clear mind during your travels. Hide some extra cash somewhere in a shoe, sock, secret pocket. Wherever you find most handy. It is always safe to have some extra where no one can find it. (Just a tip, where you do keep it, is up to you).

4. Think about your people at home.

The fact that you want to go on an adventure is beautiful! And you should! But take in mind that your loved ones want to hear from you every once in a while. Keep in touch regularly! Not only do you inform them (also for safety), but they love to hear about your adventures. Don’t forget this, it is something that is very important (at any age!).

5. Plan your first few days.

Oke, oke .. you want to be ‘free and on the move’. That is perfectly fine, but after a long trip one thing you want to do is: rest. So, just plan the first couple of days, so you can adjust to the new environment, get some rest (in hotel/inn/hostel/b&b) and gather your thoughts, info and look up what you want to do next. It will give you a ‘zen’ vibe instantly and will give you enough time to plan your next move.

6.  Keep a travel journal.

While you are traveling, you will see so much. Some will stick and some you’ll forget. But when you look back, you want to remember it all. Hence, the travel journal. Keep it with you and write little notes, tape your tickets or whatever you find interesting. It’s a fun activity.

7. Inform about the sun/bugs and more .. of your destination.

In every country the sun has a different strength and you have to mind that sun. As well as bugs. Some countries have some weird bugs and animals or plants which maybe give itchiness. Keep that in mind. Get some spray, cream, lotion or anything that takes care of it.

8. Scan your papers.

Better safe than sorry I reckon. Scan you important papers and keep them in your inbox of your email. Just in case you loose the originals, you have the scans ready to show when it is needed.

9. How to take care of that jetlag?

Before you go, or when you go back home. 1. Try to get aquatinted with your new timezone(s). And with the Iphone you can easily set all your timezones ready for your upcoming trip(s). That way you can get use to it beforehand. 2. Be packed a week before traveling, that way you can fully relax and enjoy the last week before you go instead of being all ‘pack-stressed’. 3. Don’t eat to much sugary snacks, drink alcohol/soda’s or too much coffee during the flight. Stay hydrated and away from over-tiredness. 4. Keep moving during your flight. Do some neck, back, arm and leg exercises while you sit and try to walk regularly! At arrival; get into that new timezone! Maybe do a little power – nap, but get going.

10. Remember; Solo traveling is fun and liberating.

Of course you have to be well prepared and use your common sense, but it is also liberating. Being free, being a wanderer .. ‘Not all whom wander are lost’. Take good advice from trusted people around you in with open arms and keep it in mind. Stay clear from unprotected neighbourhoods, don’t flash your luxury or cash. And most important of all: follow your heart. Your gut is mostly right, follow it! If you don’t trust something, go. And more .. most of all, have fun! Safe and free fun!

Do you have any handy tips or tricks for traveling solo? Post your comment or suggestion below. Have a safe and fun trip. Loving lost. 



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