Loving lost / packing list summer vacation

Every time another vacation is due and I start packing, I always bring something too much. It can be too much shoes, shirt, books or something that I don’t use. It does gets less every vacation I do have to say. Still, I am always looking for the perfect packing list for summer-y kind of trips. Which, after a lot of trips of packing way too much, I just made myself and will try to keep myself to that list. This list contains everything I need, might need or just come in handy in every situation. (And sometimes I just still pack too much, but it comes close). 🙂

Personal items:

  • cash/credit
  • passport
  • copies of all travel docs
  • drivers license/international drivers license
  • insurance card
  • international numbers (in case of emergency)
  • iPhone / iPad / USB drive
  • camera
  • chargers / plug inns / international plug inns

Handy stuff:

  • notebook/pen
  • books
  • Pocket knife
  • Locks
  • sunglasses
  • cap/hat
  • water proof baggies
  • Neckpillow (for in airplane)
  • Flashlight
  • Fluffy socks
  • Scarf (for in airplane)

Toiletry kit:

  • contacts / glasses
  • First aid kit (everything that is handy for the destination)
  • shampoo
  • shower gel
  • (everything in small reusable containers)
  • raisor
  • toothbrush / toothpaste
  • nailvile / nail clipper
  • mascara (or other make up you like)
  • eye pads (make up remover, and don’t take much space)
  • tea tree oil (cures everything :))
  • mozzie stick
  • norit / asperine / pill / vitamin pills / etc.
  • Little scissor
  • pincet
  • mini sowing kit (so handy!)
  • hair elastics


  • backpack (for the daily travel)
  • a small bag/purse for an evening out / diner
  • 7 t-shirts / tops (when dirty, wash!)
  • 1/2 long sleeved shirt(s) / blouse
  • 1 sweater/vest (with hoodie)
  • 1/2 long trousers (not too thick, work in layers)
  • 1 shorts
  • 1 skirt / 1 dress (something that doesn’t wrinkles)
  • 7 undies
  • sports bra (much comfortable during travel)
  • 2 bikini’s
  • 2 pairs of slippers (I always break/loose one pair … )
  • 1 pair walking shoes (sport or other you prefer)
  • towel

(Remember you can wash everything on the road, so you don’t need too much stuff. And work in layers, it is so much more handy.)

Optional items:

  • snorkel stuff / flippers
  • Wetsuits / wet shirt (when I go surfing)


So, I reckon my list is kinda complete. But if anyone has something handy to add, leave a comment. I will add useful things. Thank you and safe travels! 🙂






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